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lastname firstname username city country website EMail is Breeder?
PatriceJEANNIN France yes
ditzelsabine S.Ditzel Germany yes
DitzelSabine Sabine Germany yes
Stahl Heinrich HST Germany yes
kisslahal teke Hungary no
van der GulikMarcmvdg1969 Netherlands no
useruseruser yes
dornheckerbarbroAnnaszamidudi no
M.PortmannM.Portmann Switzerland no
VargaAndreasVickyAngern an der March Austria no
christiansenteyrateyra Germany yes
MukiMukkancslufi Hungary no
ditzelsabinesabinestuttgart Germany yes
ehmannrainerevkiraLorch Germany no
VSenjaxenivan Finland no
BorbHorvBoro Hungary no
PennanenSaaraSpiidi Finland no
TaplickKathleenKathleen Germany no
MustermanMaxMax.M Germany no
MustermannMaxMax Germany no
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