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Welcome to The Magyar Agar Database

We currently have 1759 dogs in the database,11 races ,12 coursings and 308 registered users

Welcome to the new magyar agar database..

New compatibilty checked: IE up to 8.0, FF and Opera work now test

Now you can add races / full meetings .. enjoy...

Create your own account and maintain your dog data online.

Pls. double check all known reg. numbers

Sollten Sie Hilfe in Deutsch bei der Eingabe der Hunde benötigen bitte kurze Mail an
Sie finden nun schon auf der ersten Seite die (Export) Reg. Nummer der Hunde.

Ha segítségre van szükséged az adatok feltöltéséhez, vagy bármilyen észrevételed van a honlappal kapcsolatban, kérlek küldj e-mailt az címre!

NEWS: 12 November 2008

New Feature: Show / Add Kennel

New Feature: Inbreeding Coefficient / Pedigree Collapse
( If you wanna inquire a IC and PC calculation over up to 9 generations for your future litter, please contact )

The intention of the MADB is to collect information about Magyar Agar's from all over the world. We hope that this database will give us all together the chance to go back to the beginning of the breed.

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